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Verticalen markt: Oil, Gas and Water

 Advantech´s Oil & Gas Solutions

Oil, Gas and Water

Certified Products & Solutions for Hazardous Applications

 Industrial Automation Group

Oil, Gas and Water

Based in Perth, Australia, Industrial Automation (IA) provides customers in mining, manufacturing, utility, agriculture, irrigation, and shipping industries with innovative solutions to meet their automation and control needs.

 Oklahoma Natural Gas

Oil, Gas and Water

Oklahoma Natural Gas trusts AirLink® to Monitor 17,000 Miles of Pipeline

 Real-time Oil Well Monitoring System with iRTU

Oil, Gas and Water

Exploiting oil and gas fields needs to use the wide-area remote monitoring system

 River Flow Monitoring

Oil, Gas and Water

Our client required a system which had proven reliability and would be capable of withstanding harsh environmental in remote locations.

 SaskEnergy, TransGas

Oil, Gas and Water

50,000 Miles of Pipeline Monitored with AirLink® Gateways

 Smart Water Grid and Pump Station Monitoring

Oil, Gas and Water

Under the impetus of Internet of things technology, water supplies will be equipped with an intelligent water network.

 Solution for Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC)

Oil, Gas and Water

To serve its broad client base, SSGC has an extensive pipeline network deployed over vast stretches of land spanning both urban and remote areas.

 United Energy Pakistan (UEP)

Oil, Gas and Water

Most of UEP’s jet pumps are located at unmanned sites, with an average travel time of about an hour from base operations.

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