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Panorama AntennasPanorama Antennas:

Bespoke Design Panorama Antennas is renowned for its ability to design antennas to specifically meet the customersí needs. This could involve modifying an existing product to give it a new frequency, cable length or connector configuration, or it can even lead to the development of a brand new design. Custom Design To Your Specification Panorama Antennas has extensive experience of engineering antennas to meet precise requirements. The antenna will be tested so that it works perfectly in the environment that it is designed for. Throughout the design and manufacturing process we closely consult with the customer to ensure the final product fits their requirements exactly. All our bespoke antennas are rigorously tested to ensure they work perfectly in the real-world, operational environment. Tuned To Your Frequency Panorama can tune most UHF & VHF whips to a specific frequency or bandwidth. If you donít see a product tuned to the exact frequency you require in our product catalogue, you just need to ask us if it can be done specifically for you.

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