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Verticalen markt: Transportation

 Success Story REMTEC AG - Remote Management


For 35 years the REMTEC AG has been planning, developing and implementing measurement and control systems, for example for water supply and road traffic. The company successfully uses the devices of the NB1600 product line of NetModule for their projects.

 Success Story Stahl Computertechnik GmbH – WiFi in Public Transport


Since October 2015, the passengers of the municipal services of Augsburg can enjoy the pleasure of free WiFi in more than 70 buses and 20 trams. This project was realized with the expertise of Stahl Computertechnik GmbH and the devices of NetModule.

 Taking the Risk out of Driving


Sierra Wireless 3G Embedded Modules Help DriveCam Expand its Market

 Trending Now: Connected Cars


Wearable devices improve the driver experience

 Vessel Alarm Monitoring & Management System


Ship control technology is developing toward the trend of integrated automation.

 Wayside Control for High-Speed Railway Systems


Project Introduction

China has the world’s longest high-speed rail network with top speeds reaching 350 km/h. High-speed trains in China have transported 600 million passengers sincetheir introduction on April 18, 2007. A High Speed Railway operator in China built a 308 km fiber optic network along 22 stations. To control the trains from wayside control cabinets, they included different types of controllers to ensure reliable, non-stop operation. Advantech´s EKI managed switches played an integral part in the communication capabilities of this system.

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