Real-time Oil Well Monitoring System with iRTU

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Real-time Oil Well Monitoring System with iRTU

System Introduction

In recent years, the rapid development of information technology has popularized calculator technology, control technology and network communication technology, therefore, establishing the costs of the remote monitoring system is no longer unattainable. Exploiting oil and gas fields needs to use the wide-area remote monitoring system, to monitor the output efficiency of oil and gas and the operation condition of machines and tools.

System Requirements

System Description

When using the open system architecture of the ADAM-3600, two types of wireless communication (3G and Zigbee) can be installed, to collect the wireless sensor data in the field and remotely communicate with the cloud. The ADAM - 3600 with an I/O outgoing line at the top and bottom, is especially designed for control cabinet installation, the front has marks and lights, which can be used to identify the state and detect the faults. Four small expansion slots can be installed between the sites, tomeet different needs. The internal open architecture of the ADAM–3600 is easy to program and maintain and customers can process the data in the RTU whilst also remotely transmitting data for large amounts of data analysis. The ADAM-3600 includes iRTU Studio which customers can use to perform remote configuration, upgrades and updates, to save manpower and material resources.

Project Implementation

System Architecture

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