Smart Water Grid and Pump Station Monitoring

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Smart Water Grid and Pump Station Monitoring

System Introduction

Under the impetus of Internet of things technology, water supplies will be equipped with an intelligent water network. Water pumping stations are the most important node in a water network, the booster pumping station can influence the public water, the drainage pumping station can ensure normal drainage during flood season to protect people from the floods. With the rising costs of life and an increase in areas of water, the supervision of the water pumping station must rely on science and technology, to reduce the inspection cycle or achieve unmanned control. By installing the water network information system, the relevant department can see the operating status of the pump station, and can also record the efficiency parameters to provide the basis for equipment maintenance, and significantly increase management efficiency.

System Requirements

System Description

The open system architecture of the ADAM-3600 can easily build a GPRS remote communication system, the integrated I/O can be used to monitor the current, voltage & frequency and start/stop state of the pump, pressure and flow of inlet and outlet, water level, outlet water quality and inlet valve. The built-in real-time Linux operating system of the ADAM-3600 can be used to calibrate the time via a LAN or GPS, to make the data or events to have precise time. The ADAM-3600 is also equipped with an SD card, which can store the data, and will not lose the information during disrupted communication, and can replace the data and send it to the center when communication is restored. The ADAM-3600 includes iRTU Studio so can perform remote configuration, upgrades and updates, to save manpower and materials.

Project Implementation

System Architecture

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